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Skyscrapers and Sky


Independent Global Investment Advisor

Independent Global Investment Analysis & Oversight, Gatekeeper, Investment due diligence.

Bespoke Investment Advisory Portfolio

Comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs/risk appetite taking into account total global wealth diversification, followed by full implementation of bespoke strategic / tactical asset allocation under advisory agreement. Consolidated reporting on global assets including tracking against personalized benchmark.

Bespoke Investment Offering

Sourced investments for a bespoke mandate to supplement and enhance an existing global portfolio.

Access to Independent Proprietary Product Shelf

Global Real Estate, Hedge Funds, Private Debt, Derivative / Structuring Overlays, Liquidity Management. Shekel Exposure.

Skyscrapers and Sky


  • Expert oversight and review of global investment portfolios and production of a bespoke consolidated investment report. 

  • The consolidated global report highlights overall exposures to achieve a holistic view for risk management in terms of currencies and asset classes, which could include inter alia properties, collectibles and operating businesses owned. 

  • Addresses key investment risks & exposures such as underperforming investments, concentration of investing styles or duplicate exposures. 

  • Review of underlying investment management fees & costs relating to investment portfolios & funds to identify whether there may be a cheaper way to hold & manage the investment holdings.

  • Available to act in the capacity of Investment Gatekeeper by carrying out an independent review of investment opportunities being considered.

  • Routine meetings with the family and/or trustees where relevant to review & consider recommendations, and available for queries/discussions on an ongoing basis relating to the investments/portfolios.

  • Our aim is to add value by providing access to our deep investment expertise & advice. We interact directly with the families, their trustees and their investment managers where relevant. 

  • Our mandates are primarily with private clients and professional trustee companies.

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